SSL VPN Files Sharing(Permission Denied)

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SSL VPN Files Sharing(Permission Denied)

Postby Widmael on Wed May 31, 2017 7:59 pm

Hello Everyone,

I hope you can help with a problem that I have since about 3 weeks. I set up an SSL VPN with Zywall 110, The VPN is connected to an Active Directory. The connection with the AD is great, I added and since a group from my AD to the Zywall it works perfectly. When I connect through the ZyWall SecuExtender I can access my network, remote my server, and so on.
However, When I setup a sharing folder, the folders options for my remote users through the browser, I can see my shared folders but I can't access them. Permission denied. Below are the steps I did :

I added my ad user to the Zywall(all users can logon).
I added a group that have access to a shared folder in the zywall. but none users can access the folder througt the web browser even the user is the owner of this folder on my domain.
The only way I can get in the shared folder in the browser is when I logon with the local user of my Files server(Where the folders are).

My question is: how to sync users rights from my domain to zywall so my users can get permission to access files and folders they are the owner or have permission.

Please help.

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