VNG3925-B10B - I can't make sense of the firewall at all


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VNG3925-B10B - I can't make sense of the firewall at all

Postby chrisisbd on Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:55 pm

I can't get the firewall on my VMG3925-B10B to do anything sensible at all. I have configured the firewall on a number of other routers (Draytek, Thompson, TP-Link, etc.) so I'm not totally naive as regards firewall settings. So can anyone throw light on the following?

The Port Forwarding *seems* to override the firewall settings. I have the firewall set to 'Medium' which should prevent access from WAN to LAN but with a Port Forwarding setting for port 22 I can always connect from outside using ssh whatever I do the the access control settings. If I set the firewall to 'High' then nothing works at all from WAN to LAN and adding ACL rules makes no difference at all.

I need to allow access for SMTP for three outside server ranges (i.e. three x 255 addresses), I can see no way to do this as setting the port forwarding for 'any' outside address prevents the firewall from doing anything.

This is crazy! I can't see how the ACL settings in the Firewall do anything useful at all. If there's no Port Forwarding set up then there's nothing to block, with port forwarding the firewall seems to do nothing.

Am I missing something very obvious? It seems as if I must be.
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